Hunger, xenophobic attacks resume

Lusaka resident in Munali constituency have resumed riotimg. Shops owed by foreigners have been looted. Mtendere East Market is a danger zone. ‘All the foreigners are living in fear for their lives and some shops have been closed,’ an eye witness told the Watchdog.
The riots have also resumed in Jack Compound. The rioters, motivated more by poverty and hunger are stealing food stuffs and house hold properties from shops.



One person told the Watchdog that ‘Hunger is an enemy ( Insulation katondo).
Hunger is what removed Kaunda and many other political leaders in other countries.
What is happening in other compounds has also spread to Mtendere East commonly known as Mapuloto, a major supermarket located between Salama Park and Mtendere east has been looted just now and police arrived late.
Zambians have no jobs,no food, no peace at hands of Mr Lungu.

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