Hungry lion paying its workers slave wages

Hungry lion paying its workers slave wages

Good morning Editor!

Am one of the Hungry Lion workers under North Region,  am writing to you, hoping our cries will be heard if we use you ba Watchdog, we have tried putting up our cries to our Regional Manager Madam Dianah but it seems all our cries are falling on deaf ears.

Can you imagine even after The Government revised upwards the minimum wages for workers not represented by Trade Unions,  Some of us are still paid as low as K950 as seen on one of the screenshots,  in September all Hungry Lion workers received a document dubbed Memorandum of Agreement which states that,  “Hungry Lion Workers who were employed in the permanent full time category by the company on 1St July 2018 and who are still in employ of the company at date of signing the Agreement will receive an Across the Board (ATB)  increase of K380 per month effective from 1St July 2018.”

From the time the company signed the Memorandum till now, our salaries are still the same, no increment whatsoever,  in fact salaries are even reducing instead of increasing,  you can check from the screenshots how everyone from North Region is upset.

We make millions for this foreign company but in return, they pay us songs, the campany can’t buy safety boots for us,  we buy safety boots using personal money,  the company can’t employ specific people to work in our toilets and the floor,  us the same people dealing with food are the same people who clean our toilets and our floor,  it’s different from Shoprite.

Imagine we fry chicken and chips, but when it comes to our lunch,  they feed us wheat, all Hungry lion workers here in North Region Zambia eat plain bread all year round, the company doesn’t care about our health.

So please, to the relevant authorities, us Hungry lion, our salaries and condition of service are still the same,  very bad condition of service and less salaries,  we work from 12 knocking off at 20:30sometimes at 21:00, no overtime money.  When we have no customers we usually have lunch for an hour, but when it’s crowded let’s say during month end, we usually have lunch for only 15 to 20 minutes,  get back to work and knock off after 21:00.

By the way,  Hungry lion workers worked on the 18th of October,  it was a normal day for us, when people were told to fast,  us were selling them Chicken and chips,  Boma ilanganepo.

Attached are our conversations where we were trying to cry to our regional manager on our whatsapp group, our regional manager after reading our cries,  she started calling our store managers telling them to trace all those members of the North Region whatsapp group who were complaining, likely all those who were complaining are loosing our jobs any time soon. So please help us,  we were only putting up our genuine cries.

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