Hunt for gold: Abyudi Shonga refuses to aswer questions as Dickson Jere, Ndalamei get call-outs

Hunt for gold: Abyudi Shonga refuses to aswer questions as Dickson Jere, Ndalamei get call-outs

Maureen Mwanawasa is believed to be interested in the gold. It was seized when her husband was president

Former Attorney- General Abyudi Shonga on Friday refused to say anything to police investigation the so called lost gold. Meanwhile, former state House spokesperson Dickson Jere and former secretary to the treasury Likolo Ndalamei have been summoned by police over the gold issue.

Former Drug Enforcement Commissioner Aaron Zulu has already been quizzed by police and is expected to be formally arrested.

And the Watchdog understands that the police investigating the sale of gold have found a certificate of sale approved by Attorney-general Abyud Shonga signifying that no gold was stolen but properly sold to a Swiss gold dealing firm.

Shonga cited his oath of office when he refused to answer questions.

The investigating team is said to have been given a copy of the certificate of release issued by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Swiss company which bought the gold had both the contract of sale and certificate of release that is why they managed to move the gold to Europe which has rigorous rules on moving gold especially from Africa.

Information emerging indicates that some Zambians businessmen who had interest in the gold but offered little money are now pushing the Zambian government to probe the matter as way of revenging. Among people who were interested in buying the gold is former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa.

In July 2011 the DEC auctioned seized Gold to a Swiss company for the sum of US$4million.

The background is that In 2007, DEC seized 119kg of Gold worth over US$7million at the Lusaka International Airport from two Zimbabweans who tried to evade sanctions against Zimbabwe and tried re-export the gold through Zambia.

The Lusaka Magistrate convicted the Zimbabweans and the gold was forfeited to the Zambian state.

Part of the investigation is to establish where part of the money paid by the Swiss company is. It is reported that the Swiss company paid K19billion in the Zambia account but only K9billion remains in the BOZ account.

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