Hyde Haguta, how he was fired from Radio Phoenix for dishonesty

Hyde Haguta, how he was fired from Radio Phoenix for dishonesty

Hyde Haguta

MISA Zambia interim board member Hyde Haguta was until last month a news editor at Radio Phoenix but the company decided to fire him for dishonesty as he started charging clients to appear on the flagship program ‘Let the People talk’ thereby compromising the quality of the program for which the country’s first private radio station has been known.

 This was the second time in less than three years that Haguta was being fired by his employer after again having unceremoniously lost his job at ZNBC for which he blames then information minister Chishimba Kambwili. We will not talk about his transgressions at the Post newspaper and the Times of Zambia because a person who cannot keep both his job and marriage is not worth of being a leader, and we hope the woman he currently intends to marry will live up to the mediocrity because already his affair with Hellen Mwale has haunted the poor young lady whose name we don’t want to bring in here.

 Back to MISA mismanagement and our readers have wondered how such morons were ‘elected’. Using our undercover reporters, we attended the 2013 elective AGM at Pamodzi hotel and these are the people that were elected – Chairman Nalumino Nalumino, Vice chairperson Hellen Mwale, Board members – Wilson Pondamali, Roy Clarke, Elizabeth Mweene Chanda in that order. Of course the two others Sarah Banda and Beatrice Mulamfu seconded by Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants – ZICA and Law association of Zambia – LAZ as Treasurer and Legal advisor respectively.

Nalumino was recontesting his position and had his own honour of doing things and helped try to revive MISA but looking at the vice he had and the victimisation he went through, he resigned and that was how by default the notorious Hellen Mwale became chairperson and Elizabeth Chanda as Vice chairperson. By constitutional provisions the board co-opted Catholic Priest Father Freeborn Kibombwe and his name was ratified at the 2014 AGM at same venue.

Renowned Satirist Roy Clarke resigned because of the dishonesty that was now creeping in when Hellen and Elizabeth started cutting deals with government. Oh yes we can prove this because they got K50,000 from State house to try and destabilise a public debate that was planned to be held at the Alliance Francaise to discuss the constitutional crisis in the wake of late President Michael Sata’s ill health. One other member Stephen Mudoma from Radio Christian Voice was co-opted by Hellen who wanted to allure him to her sex den but after discovering the intentions Steve also resigned and that was how Haguta was pushed into the board in early 2016 awaiting ratification by AGM.

 You may recall that members of MISA by now were frustrated and started pushing for replacement of Hellen at the 2016 AGM but sensing danger she influenced the cancellation of that AGM contrary to the MISA constitution and principle of good governance. This is the same AGM which was to either ratify Haguta’s nomination or reject him so at the moment he is an interim board member and ordinarily must not have participated in the nonsense Hellen is doing at MISA and we hope the suspended board member Wilson Pondamali’s lawyers will look at this as he challenges the suspension. We decided to give a brief background to the current shambolic MISA board and now we focus on Haguta as an individual. 

In June, the corrupt Nigerian based Sahara Oil Company arranged to have some journalists flown to West Africa to be trained in propaganda ahead of the forthcoming corrupt oil supply deal that the company is yet to sign with government. The reporters were selected from ex convict Richard Sakala’s Daily ‘Tissue’ Nation newspaper, public media and of course Radio Phoenix being infiltrated.

 Haguta hijacked himself on this trip by blocking the reporter who was supposed to travel because he was the one who received the e mail but lied that the nominated reporter had no passport hence the radio station having nominated him. When this information reached the media house upon his return in mid July, the station was upset and fired him.

 We are aware of the amounts of money Haguta has been getting from MMD Die hard coordinator and Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo and State house spokesperson Amos Chanda. We challenge him to disclose who bought him the BMW vehicle he is driving around. We know Haguta has no job and has to scrounge around to make ends meet but he must do it with integrity though there is no honour in begging.

 Haguta is also on record as going around boasting that one of his cousins has an illegal affair with Edgar Lungu and together have a child. Yes this is the other source of income for the poor Haguta and has to wag his tail for Chanda but then the story about this Tonga concubine for Lungu is for another day. We could go on and on writing about this minion Haguta but for now we leave it here and challenge him to refute this

Tomorrow being a Sunday, we shall take a bit of break but return to come and exhaust the tainted professional life of the main culprit Hellen Mwale on Monday the follow up with Elizabeth Chanda the following day and thereafter go for the rest.

ZWD advise to Pondamali and MISA members: Pondamali must go ahead and hire a lawyer to get him an injunction to restore his full rights as a board member and be allowed to contest the chairmanship This suspension was irregular and aimed at blocking him from enjoying his freedom of expression and assembly. Pondamali must further report Beatrice Mulamfu to LAZ for having failed to guide the board legal wise. MISA members at the AGM must reject Haguta’s nomination and demand that he pays back any emoluments he has earned from the organisation by virtue of him being an interim board member but in the meantime continue lobbying to have an extra ordinary general meeting because this Hellen will dribble her way again.

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