Hypocrisy: Sata attacks Europeans for plundering Africa’s resources but invites China

Africa must liberate itself from developed countries that have exploited mineral resources for a long time, Zambia’s ruler Michael Sata has said.
Sata said in Japan on Sunday that African leaders should not expect external solutions to the current malaise in health and other social sectors but should employ home-grown initiatives.
He was speaking at the ongoing Fifth Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD V).
“Africa cannot be developed by anyone else but by itself,” said Sata, adding that Africans understood the problems of the continent better than outsiders.
This was during his contribution to the third thematic session dubbed: ‘Towards Post-2015 Development Agenda’ under the sub-theme: ‘New and Emerging Challenges to Sustainable Development.’
Sata said Africa had been deprived of its resources by developed countries for a long time and that the scenario should change for the better now.
The Zambian Head of State, who arrived on Wednesday for the three-day conference
which ends today, said Africa had all the resources it needed to succeed.
He said developed countries had been shipping out African raw materials to their countries leaving Africa poorer.
He said some developed countries came to Africa under the guise of developing the continent but ‘plundered’ the raw materials for their benefit.

“We have problems in Africa and the reason is this, the so-called developed countries have used Africa as a guinea pig by taking our raw materials to go and develop themselves,” he said.

But this is the same Sata who was in China a few weeks ago asking Foreigners to troop to Zambia and develop it.

On April 11, 2013 while in China, Sata said this:

“We are a country of 13 million people with a lot of land. So you can invest in practically everything,” he said.
President Sata urged prospective Chinese investors to organise business delegations to Zambia for an on-the-spot assessment of business opportunities.
“Come to Africa and make Zambia your springboard. If you are slow, you will find your position taken because everyone is rushing to Zambia,” he said.
“Once you help us to re-establish Zambia Airways, our first stop will be Beijing,” he said.

It seems clear that Sata is finding it difficult to attract investment from Europe and the America because the chances for him and his officials to engage in bribery and corruption are very low. In addition, Europe and America invests where there is respect for Human rights. it is a pre-requisite. China and Asia at large invests where there are loopholes and room for bribing government officials.

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