Hypocrisy: UPND supports ratifying M’membe’s judges

Hypocrisy: UPND supports ratifying M’membe’s judges

Treacherous UPND MPs Friday afternoon led the way to ratify judges anointed by Fred M’membe but appointed by president Michael Sata.

The behaviour of UPND MPs has depressed NGOs, the media and individuals who have been pushing to have Fred M’membe and his partner DPP Mutembo Nchito repay the K14 billion they owe the Development Bank of Zambia and other monies they owe other government institutions.

The judges that have been ratified are Evans Hamaundu and Albert Wood as Supreme Court Judges.

Many Zambians know that Albert Wood is the person who has been protecting M’membe and Nchito from repaying the loans. He is the one who led to the dismissal of other Judges and the setting up of the tribunal headed by a Malawian Judge Chikopa. Now, this is the judge the UPND made a Supreme Court Judge today. The case of Chikopa’s tribunal is still in the court of law.

Just last week, the country saw the most useless tribunal headed by one Judge Evans Hamaundu. He was appointed to head a tribunal to investigate Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba. From the very beginning, he never hid his bias against the petitioners. He barred key witnesses to testify against Kabimba. He, as we all expected, cleared Kabimba.

But today, Monze MP Jack Mwimbu saw it fit to say Hamaundu is credible and worthy appointing Supreme Court Justice.

Betty Mwaka Majula Mung’omba,  Chilombo Maka-Phiri, Mwila Chitabo, William Smith Mweemba and Charles Chanda were made  High court judges, thanks to UPND traitors especially Jack Mwimbu and Garry Nkombo.

Chilombo Maka-Phiri is the person who is behind the blocking ofDora Siliya of Petauke Central, UPND’s Maxwell Mwale of Malambo constituency and Hastings Sililo of Mulobezi from re-contesting their seats. She was used by the PF to block these MPs.

Today the UPND finds her worthy ratifying as High Court Judge. We thought the UPND was against blocking MPS from standing. Are they happy that the courts, in fact these same, judges have blocked Charles Kakoma and Sililo.?


So, whose interest is the UPND protecting?  Will they reject Lombe Chibesakunda when Sata sends her name back to parliament for ratification?


Where does the behaviour of the UPND leave NGOs, others MPs who have been affected negatively by the conduct of these new judges?

What about the K14 billion M’embe and Nchito owe DBZ? What will become of it now that his judges are at the highest level of the judiciary?

Is this the same UPND which wants people to go and support it over the new constitution? How sure are we that when it shall suit them they will agree with Sata to just have an animal constitution and the rest of the people supporting from behind look foolish like in this case. Is the UPND telling us that they are happy with what is happening in the judiciary today such that they should be in the forefront supporting it?

The UPND should be very careful with their newfound euphoria of thinking that they have already on the elections.

You will be disappointed.

We think the UPND MPs who supported these Judges are stupid and should not be adopted to stand in 2016. In fact they have lived their usefulness.

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