Hypocrites: remember Ilunda Chalo?

Hypocrites: Remember Ilunda Chalo?

“Where was Chishimba Kambwili and others when this rot was being supported?”

By Hjoe Moono

This might offend my political connects but some of you people today raising arms against Grand View International are a bunch of hypocrites who should apologise to Zambians for your insincerity.

Have you forgotten that in 2012, just after being elected Republican President , Michael Sata and his close buddy Wynter Kabimba set up a company called Ilunda Chalo that was going to bid for government contracts?

Wynter Kabimba, then Minister openly said that:

“Ilunda Chalo Investment would partner with individuals and other companies to invest in areas such as mining, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure development, consultancy and many other areas to raise resources for the ruling party, PF”

Guy Scot, then Republican Vice President defended this company in Parliament saying all previous governments had companies.

Many people, including myself wrote against such a rotten move as it conflicted principles of good governance. However, many people, benefiting from the sops and spoils of such supported this rot as if it was some kind of a revolutionary proposal.

Yet today, they complain that a private firm, Grand View International is purportedly a shell company for those in power. Well let’s admire them for being smart that they are not openly shareholders if indeed it is true. But if true, they are doing so because if you could support and defend Ilunda Chalo then surely you must be a supporter of plunder and abuse of public office for private again.

I am sure you hypocrites have now learnt the hard lesson that life is long, and that the rot you supported has now caught up and you cannot handle the repugnant smell – this should be a lesson that at all times be on the right side, no matter how unpopular it is.

So now that we are all on the same page, let us ensure that whatever is being bred now and needing criticism should get the full critism it deserves.

And for those supporting obvious wrongs, just ask yourself, where is Ilunda Chalo today?

Happy Thursday Folks!

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