I accepted ministerial appointment because MMD is not in power-Chingimu

Lands Deputy Minister Danny Chingimbu has justified his accepting the ministerial appointment by President Michael.

Mr. Chingimbi says he accepted President Sata ‘s ministerial posting for the love he has for developing North-Western Province.

He  says he accepted the offer because the MMD were no longer in power and hence the province would remain behind if no one is part of government.

“ President Sata’s emphasis to develop North-Western Province motivated meto take up the opposition and that it would be easier to develop the province if he remains part of governance, “ he said.

It is for this reason that barely a week in the office, President Sata tasked the newly appointed Lands Deputy Minister to familiarize with issues of North- western province.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chingimbu was speaking in Kasempa when he addressed heads of government department yesterday.

Mr. Chingimbu , who is MMD MP was appointed as Lands Deputy minister soon after President Sata sacked Mr. Elijah Muchima.

President Michael Sata recently revoked the appointment of Elijah Muchima as Deputy Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

President Sata announced the revocation of the MMD Ikelen’i member of parliament and  he immediately appointed Kabompo East MMD Member of Parliament Danny Chingimbu

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