I almost confronted disappointing KK – Muhabi

Spokesman in the Office of the MMD President Muhabi Lungu said he is disappointed with First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s support for President Michael Sata and the PF government.

Mr. Lungu said it is disheartening that Dr Kaunda can today side with President Sata, a man he believed was at the centre of his misery when he exited State House in 1991.

During his recent visit to Cuba, Dr Kaunda was quoted as saying President Sata is leading Zambia in a truly wonderful way.

Mr. Lungu closely worked with Dr Kaunda as his Press Assistant when he lost the general elections to the MMD in 1991.

“It is sad that the old man is now glorifying Mr. Sata but I remember that this is the same man and a few of his colleagues in the MMD then Dr Kaunda used to describing as scared little men in suits,” Mr. Lungu said.

He said Dr Kaunda believed that Mr. Sata, then a key figure in Dr Chiluba’s government was instrumental in the ill treatment he suffered at the hands of the Chiluba administration.

“I was one of the few Zambians that decided to stand by the old man when everyone ran away from him. I did it on principle and the respect for human rights and he used to complain to me how the MMD at the behest of Mr. Sata and Dr Chiluba harassed him. He constantly complained about Mr. Sata and it is surprising today Dr Kaunda can call this man an angel.”

Mr. Lungu said it would be advisable for Dr. Kaunda to avoid making some political statements going by the stature and respect that he commands world over.

“I saw him recently at a US National Day event in Lusaka and I walked over to say hi to the old man, I was almost tempted to asking him why he is behaving the way he is but I thought the occasion was not appropriate for such conversations.”


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