I am a good president, have passed test, says Lungu

I am a good president, have passed test, says Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says he has passed the leadership test of being Zambia’s leader, and that everything is okay in Zambia.

Lungu says Zambians should not vote for leaders who have no experience in running the country.

Lungu said this at State House during a live broadcast interview conducted by Zachariah Chavula and Hope Chishala on Hot FM over the weekend. He was trying to imitate UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s interview on Radio Phoenix the previous day.

“Zambians should vote for somebody they tried an tested. I have been tested in the nine months and I think I have passed the test. Others have to be tested again if they come and I think we should avoid experimenting from one experiment to another.

“When you have something which is working, don’t mend it. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, they say,” he said. Probably he doesn’t know that the economy is broken. The Zambian Kwacha is embarrassingly the worst performing currency in the world, to give just one example.

Lungu praised himself claiming that he was a level-headed leader who was national in character, running an administration which had set high standards, walked the talk, was determined to develop Zambia and that the country was not going down as the Government was on top of things with its national development vision, which should be allowed to continue. This is an example of a person disconnected from reality. Clearly Lungu does not know what is happening in the country or is pretending.

“If I was not national in character, for example, I would have shelved some of the projects in my quest to revenge on some people I think don’t want me or didn’t want me. This is actually he plans to so if he wins in 2016. The Bible says, from the abundance of the heart, a man speaks. In any case, all the project he is referring to have stalled due to lack of funding so he does not need shelve them as they have been automatically shelved.

“ Lungu said he had also demonstrated to be a listening leader by, among things, calling for reforms to the Public Order Act and responding to concerns on the Constitution-making process.

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