I am about to be assassinated, says Bishop Mambo

I am about to be assassinated, says Bishop Mambo

Bishop John Mambo

Bishop John Mambo has claimed that government wants to assassinate him.

Bishop Mambo, a former overseer of Church of God but now running an AIDS NGO in Chongwe area says there is a plot to eliminate him by powerful politicians because of his political statements.

Mambo who usually issues statements to QFM radio Wednesday told the same radio that that senior intelligence officers and a pastor met over the weekend to plan the elimination of people perceived to be anti-government.

Bishop Mambo claimed that the meeting attendants agreed to methods such as food poisoning and not a gun.

According to QFM; Bishop Mambo vowed that the planned assassinations will not deter him from critically speaking against the ills in the government structures.

He added that he will not be detracted by reports of assassinations because he is a God fearing man.
Bishop Mambo also said he will expose the preacher whom he claims was part of the meeting to plan the assassinations.

A month ago, FODEP president Alex Ngoma revealed to QFM radio that he was about to be assassinated by government.


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