I am better presidential material than HH, MMD most corrupt in world- Kabimba

I am better presidential material than HH, MMD most corrupt in world- Kabimba

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba yesterday declared that he is a better republican presidencial material than UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr. Kabimba, who is being floated by the Fred Mmembe and cartel to succeed president Michael Sata, said he has achieved a lot in life than the UPND president Mr. Hichilema.

Speaking in Kapiri Mposhi where he went to drum up support for PF candidate Eddie Musonda, Kabimba instead started campaigning for himself for the republican presidency by claiming he had a better track record of public service than Mr. Hichilema.

Mr. Kabimba is a former town clerk for Lusaka City Council and has so far failed to win the parliamentary seat in his home village in Sibuyunji, and even the current positions as Secretary General and Justice Minister in the PF are through appointments.

And Mr. Kabimba charged that MMD was the most corrupt party in the history of Zambia.

Speaking when he visited Nchembwe Basic School in Kapiri Mposhi to drum up support for PF candidate ahead of the 23rd April Kapiri Mposhi by-election, Mr. Kabimba said MMD was full of crooks hence the decision by the UPND candidate Lawrence Zimba to leave it.

Mr. Kabimba who himself has not been cleared by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for corrupt practices involving Trafigura oil deals said MMD was the most corrupt political party in Africa and the world hence the suffering by the Zambians.

Mr. Kabimba did not explain why his party the PF has been poaching a number of MMD MPs and senior members from the MMD, a party he labels corrupt.

Some of the MMD MPs like Gabriel Namulambe who joined PF are currently facing corruption cases in the courts of law.

President Michael Sata is currently heavily working with former intelligence chief Xavier Chungu and Katele Kalumba who were at the centre of the plunder of national resources under the late Frederick Chiluba’s administration.

Mr. Sata even attempted to appoint Mr. Chungu as PS for Luapula province before he revoked the appointment after people protested.

Mr. Chungu and Mr. kalumba are currently among the main advisors to president Sata and their cases have since stalled.

Other people who benefited from Chiluba’s plundered resources such as Emmanuel Mwamba is a senior PF government official as Permanent Secretary in Western Province.

Another PF minister Steven Masumba has been found with a case to answer in the courts of law over his forged diploma certificate.

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