I am disappointed with Scott for allowing hate speech against HH at Kabwe PF rally- Dipak Patel



22 December

In light of the events of yesterday’s Patriotic Front Rally in Kabwe, it is now clear that a serious breach of the electoral code of conduct has occurred.

Acting President Dr Guy Lindsay Scott presented himself as what this country needed in the transitional period; he swore to uphold the rule of law, uphold the electoral code of conduct and to maintain the democratic principles of Zambia. Many had high hopes for his conduct, none more so than myself.

However, since his purported reconciliation with Hon. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, serious questions need to be raised about the credibility of the Acting President’s ability to uphold the electoral code of conduct, given that he is now an active member of the PF campaign team.

Acting President Scott’s statements clearly never evolved into anything tangible, the events that occurred at yesterdays rally prove that a grave injustice has occurred. It is now common knowledge that a certain Bishop, under the guidance of certain ministers and Acting President Scott clearly violated the electoral code of conduct in their defamatory statements about our Candidate.

The aforementioned statements have been widely reported now and comments of this nature clearly indicate that the ruling party fears the momentum of the UPND campaign for a United Zambia. The PF forget that they have failed this country over the past 3 years, lies and defamatory statements do not need to come from our camp, merely revealing the truth of the injustices committed by this PF government, is a weapon we have left in reserve in our campaign arsenal.

So far the UPND has run a positive campaign, based on policy and messaging, with a strict discipline covering our members from the highest positions of authority to the grassroots, to avoid violation of the electoral code of conduct.

We in the UPND had high hopes for a clean election process, one that would end with a fair result and in turn reflect the will and aspirations of the Zambian people. The ruling party has proved yesterday that they have no such desire and we in the UPND are now ready to act.


Dipak Patel

Campaign Manager of the UPND

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