I am disgusted with Zambia Trade Union and their corruption  


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I work for Fashion Retailers Known as Foschini, Markham, Fashion Express, Sterns, Totalsports, Sports Scene and Exact! 
For the past one year we have been pushing the Trade Union to help better our working conditions but to no avail. When our representative from the Trade Union first came to meet us, he told us he was not corrupt and within the month he would have a meeting with our company to discuss the way forward. It’s been a year since we started paying our contribution to the Trade Union. They just enjoy our money and forgot about us. Funny how each time our boss from SA is in town this Trade Union representative comes to our work place for meetings which last less than 10mins. How is it possible that for a year he has been unable to facilitate a proper meeting to discuss our conditions? How is it possible our boss can dictate to him what to do? More especially a foreigner? Come on guys we have to be serious with the lives of many that we handle. If anything our SA boss was even boasting about how it didn’t take him long for the representative to agree with him. The last time he was here about a year ago, he actually brought this representative and other government officials clothes and other gifts from SA. This is corruption in broad day light. This is why you are now saying Zambia Trade Union has no teeth. ‎I wonder if this racist boss or ours even gets work permits before he comes into Zambia for his usual work trips. He treats us like rubbish, he talks to us with no respect, when he is in town everyone shivers because he sometimes just comes he and fires people for any small thing and randomly changes company policy. He says as long as the shareholders are making money then it’s okay, anything else doesn’t matter. Is this how our shareholders look at us with no love. To them we are just disposable pawn chess pieces? 

Please help us. Our working hours are bad now, we knock off at night and these people don’t provide transport, our annual increment was reduced even though we are making millions for these people, when we work over time they don’t pay us, we are threatened with being fired each time we speak out. We are treated like slaves. We love our jobs but we are tired of the way we are being treated like slaves. He doesn’t even respect our country managers here, how do you disrespect the people that manage the company in front of employs? How are we supposed to respect them? 

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