‘ I am Failing to get my birth certificate’

I needed to obtain my birth certificate, so I went to the National Registration Office at Kambendekela House in Lusaka. I was told that since I was born before 1973, I needed to acquire a “born before” document in place of the birth certificate.

So there I was, with all the required documentation. Handed these to the appropriate officers early August this year. Was told it takes about two weeks to obtain these.

I exercised my patience. Went back to check on my documents after three weeks and was told to check back a week later by a smiling young lady. Back to Kambendekela house after a week, was informed there was an error on my NRC details in their register that required verification. Every week there after, I have been to the National Registration Offices and the story now is that they are sorting out my issue. I have been to every office, to try to resolve my issue, but to no avail. So Mr. Editor, what must I do to obtain this document, as I need it for work related issues.

One wonders how these officers at the NRC offices work. The work culture at some of these Government Departments leaves much to be desired. They seem to be more interested in mobile voter registration than being in their offices, for obvious reasons, hefty allowances. Can someone please come to my aid! Its now more than two months for a document

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