I am fine, says GBM as police block M’membe from visiting him

I am fine, says GBM as police block M’membe from visiting him

M'membe with HH

M’membe with HH

The PF government has blocked Post Newspaper Editor Fred M’membe from visiting incarcerated  UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba. The government has also stopped M’membe from joining the lawyers defending GBM. M’membe is a lawyer specialising in freedom of expression  and is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree.

Meanwhile, GBM says he is unbroken and says he now has a deeper understanding of how Edgar Lungu has messed up the country.

From his cells, he wrote:

Good morning!

I slept well thanks to the almighty God and for your prayers.

I want you to know that I shall forever cherish the love and solidarity exhibited and at the same time remember this time spent in the cells as it has made me understand how far President Edgar and his government has neglected the Zambian people.

Stories in the cells have made me know and understand my country  better and only now do I understand the extent of suffering and misery President Lungu and his government has brought to the  people of Zambia.
This has re-energised me to continue campaigning until Zambians usher in UPND the Party that will pay attention to their needs and let them fulfill their dreams.
“My incarceration will not bring victory to the Patriotic Front its actually amazing that  President Lungu thinks its a way he can remain in power total nonsense because its the same Zambians he is starving and fooling with loans and roads that will lock the entrance to state house come August 11th.
My incarceration will not lower the cost of commodities nor reduce loadshedding but has exposed the greediness in the Patriotic Front and its leadership.
I will certainly come out and continue campaigning for the majority of Zambians whom he has reduced to poverty.
UPND aims at putting food on the table to make Zambians fullfil their dreams.
Hunger has taken away the dream every Zambian has because all thoughts are bent on putting food on the table.
To my President Hakainde Hichilema continue spreading hope
to the nation I will soon join you
To you my cousin and Vice President for politics Dr Canisius Banda I wish you well in mobilising the Party I will join you soon

A big hug to all UPND members,supporters, friends, neighbours ,my family and children  not forgetting my lovely sweetheart and mother Chama!

Will  soon be with you!

God bless you all


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