I am not a criminal, Iam a hard worker – Mwaba

I am not a criminal, Iam a hard worker – Mwaba


*Well, yes I was detained but am innocent
Dear Editor,

I write to clear my name over purported lies been told about me by some sections I can only call jealousy rivals.

I have read in disbelief how someone can lower themselves to try to put a name that only knows hard work into disrepute. My name is Reagan Mwaba and am popularly called Bonko. Am a Kitwe resident, law abiding and hard working.

Yes in business we have competitors but it’s nolonger competition if we start going for each other’s throats. The story appearing on Zambia Watchdog about me been a criminal is a total fubrication. People should not be this desperate, to even go to an extent of not just bringing the name of the Zambia Police Anti Cooper Theft into disrepute but also mentioning our beloved president.

I shall not mention names but I know the whole group of jealousy people who will do anything to see me go down. To make things clear, yes I was detained and it’s not because of me been bad, but someone working hard to smear lies to The Police Anti Copper Theft Unit. I have lost a lot trying to help people here in Kitwe, I’ve lost a house and car to pay off youths who where not paid by the same rivals, the agents of evil. Now I try to get back on my feet, they are scared and rush to the Media to write lies. I am roaming the streets of Kitwe and Zambia and not just Chamboli and Wusakile because am a free Zambian citizen with no crime attached to me. If you are really a concerned citizen, prove your allegations. Point at the exact people protecting me from been prosecuted because off your allegations.

People of Kitwe especially the youths who know me, know that am not a criminal. Charges written are all lies. Am not spokesperson for the Zambia Police Anti Copper Theft, but I know they know the truth. I pray to God the truth shall come out and the agents of evil exposed together with their paymasters and motive.

Zambia’s, let’s not promote the habit of feeling jealous of your fellow Zambian. We can’t progress like this. Just accept that the favour of the lord is upon me, you can’t fight it.

Reagan Mwaba.
Kitwe Businessman.

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