‘I am not a PF cadre but why is Watchdog painting PF all evil?’

Dear editor,

I first want to clarify that I AM NOT A PF CADRE, but would love to be honest with my feelings about the Zambian Watchdog. Personally I find it very informative, but sometimes consider it as exaggerating a lot of events. I feel like the Watchdog online newspaper is losing its direction from being an informative Newspaper as its motto ascribes, to an anti-PF paper.

Surely there are a lot of sentiments about our ruling government, but I want to believe that there are also some elements of good will that need to be addressed-that is the only way an informant gains credibility. How can the PF be all evil? I feel like in some ways it is misleading, and especially to Zambians outside. A country is depicted as not safe at all, and as if one can hardly survive, yet people are still surviving. I love to critique, and not criticize, that is what our paper should do.

Above all, I am now tired of all headlines being about PF. Is that the only thing that is making news? Has everyone lost existence except the PF? Do you realize that you hardly write on any other party hence making PF more popular and famous? By the way, the PF is a government, and a government comprises its citizens too, including the watchdog members. Sadly, people address PF as if it were separate form the government. Why do we live an utopian life and not accept the present? It is like a hand trying to maliciously harm a leg on the same body. Its inevitable that the hand will equally feel the pain.

I repeat once again, I AM NOT A PF CADRE, but just want to be objective and make things straight. Let us inform the public about different events happening in our country, and NOT JUST PF….I feel its irrational. Surely, even a car accident is attributed to PF? We are missing the point and our direction. Accidents have always happened in all governments, and we ourselves are witnesses. If all headlines are about PF, then how different are we from ZNBC, Daily Mail, and other government mouth pieces? Let us not lose direction,

Yours sincerely

Gregory Gondwe

Editor’ comment: we shall respond to Mr Gondwe in due course 

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