I am not broken, GBM says from prison, as police relocate him at night

I am not broken, GBM says from prison, as police relocate him at night

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 08.32.59Just after last midnight, more than 600 police officers stormed Ndola central police station and forced UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba into one of their armoured cars and drove him to Kamfinsa police station.

GBM initially resisted to be moved without his lawyers but the uncompromising police mostly recruits forced him. GBM is expected to appear in a magistrate court in Kitwe this morning. He was initially arrested for assaulting some unknown people but after the police could not find anyone to testify on their behalf as the victim, they changed the charge to ‘conduct likely to disturb peace’.  The instructions to arrest GBM were given by PF candidate Edgar Lungu. The PF is not sleeping over GBM. They are trying all tricks in the book including dirty ones to make sure GBM is not picked as running mate for HH. The PF will be very happy to see a weaker candidate put as running mate, of course. But a Watchdog survey shows that 99 per cent of UPND supporters want GBM as running mate while 100 per cent of PF cadres and officials want another candidate to be put as HH’s running mate.

Before he was ‘abducted’ from Ndola police, GBM wrote that:

Day 3

Finally ati charge ni conduct eyo ’conduct likely to win an election’

This morning I appear in Kitwe Magistrate Court well it will be once more good to be with you outside for a moment whether am released on bond or taken back that does not matter much.What matters is who I am and what I mean to the people of Zambia and my family .

Brethren worry not nothing can break or divert me for who I stand for in this world social justice indeed a better life is what I and my President Hakainde Hichilema want for the people of Zambia.

Finally am charged with Conduct among three other charges which include assault of two persons. Lets see how the same two dramatists  shall face me and the court after swearing that everything they will testify is true and nothing but the truth.

My family and Party members worry not, I committed no offence this is all fake but tricks to disturb my campaign , they definitely felt my weight in the three days I held rallies`across the province.Heee nothing can stop me from fighting to liberate the people of Zambia.

I thank my nephews UDF President Miles Sampa , Hon Patrick Mucheleka, Major Kachingwe, for the works we did together which have costed me a charge of conduct. Yes all our acts were towards winning an election and for President Edgar Lungu and his PF that is an offence.

I have missed you all

I look forward to see you  at court this morning.

Good bye for now


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