‘I am scared’

Am scared, I don’t know what to do. Am an ex-convict recently released from jail. I was given a task to make UPND compaign impossible. My task ranges from removing any upnd poster. Stop any one from wearing upnd tshirt by beating them, put fear in all upnd supporters if they resist beat them. In our meeting we were to report to Richard a relative to EL. Other task is to pay all street kids and vendors making sure they harass any upnd supporter and pull down any upnd poster .

His other relatives are tasked to bribe chiefs especially Tonga chiefs give them money cars influence them to decamping HH. We mobilize 300 foot soldiers next week to go door to door to intimidate people to vote for PF at all cost. With the help of Hapunda, to Spy on Tonga’s in southern province with help with friendly chiefs those resisting. If more than 10, identify their water wells to poison day before elections so that they fail to vote for HH. To stop the post paper by all cost since it is only one covering HH. To give money to Daily Nation paper to keep low price for every one to buy spreading evil and lies against HH especially GBM. Since everyone key with sata has left. To use Stella Sata especially in muchinga to the public that PF still has Sata legacy. Not to allow Guy Scott campaign since he carries sata’s image. To dethrone chief mukuni and chitimukulu after elections since they are not with us. To do anything possible to stop UPND compaign. To give money to some priests and pastors to tell people that HH is satanic. Dan pule will be in charge of Luapula. To tell people that GBM is an fit and insults and HH stole privatization money. Kavindele will be incharge of NW province

I don’t want to be part of this because I do not like what we did to UPND cadres in Kitwe on weekend in buteko street. Am sure the police knows. Next week we shall be in groups of 300 trained foot soldiers going door to door. But I will never take part in the beating and spying. If I pull out now they will kill me. If you hear one of the foot soldiers has been killed by his friends, I will die a clean mind.

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