I am so happy to be UPND vice-president, GBM tells Kasama

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says Kasama PF Central MP Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) was unanimously elected and accepted as party vice-president by the entire UPND structures at all levels.

Speaking when he addressed a mammoth crowd that welcomed the UPND team at Kasama Airport this morning, Mr. Hichilema told the people of Kasama to imageimageimageimageignore those saying GBM was imposed on the people.

“I want to thank you people of Kasama and Northern Province for giving us such as gallant friend of mine and fellow citizens to be the Vice-President of the UPND, the party that will form government in the next few months with your support. Like we said, GBM has not resigned from PF, the party he tirelessly worked for to put in government but has now been hijacked by other people without a vision these colleagues had. But as usual they have appetite for creating bye-elections even when farmers have not been paid and there are other serious economic challenges facing the country,” Mr. Hichilema who spoke in Bemba told the jubilant Kasama residents that later line-up the entire route from airport to town center.

And Kasama MP GBM said he was happy to be the Vice President of UPND, a party which represents all people in Zambia and has a clear alternative policies to economically liberate the country.

The Kasama law marker said Zambians were one people and must all solidly rally behind the UPND leadership that has people’s interest at heart.

“The entire country is now shouting ‘Zambia Forward. Are we people in Kasama and Northern Province going to remain? GBM asked the crowd that responded they will not remain”. I cannot mislead you people here and it is important you all come with me in the UPND and its leadership. I don’t just move anyhow like others who are being paid money at the expense of the country. I know what I am doing and its important we join hands and save our collapsing economy through Mr. Hichilema and the UPND leadership. I know the PF are pushing for a bye-election here even when they have not paid you for your maize and there is no medicines in hospitals. If they push for it, we should show them that we can’t accept the nonsense having wastefull expenditure when the country has no money,” GBM told the crowd.

The UPND team comprises President Hichilema, Vice-President GBM, National Trustee Bernard Mpundu, Senior Officials Fredson Yambayimageamba who was also losing candidate for Senga Hill, Former MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe, and other senior party officials in the province and district.


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