‘I am still shocked at Frank Bwalya’s demonic rituals’

‘I am still shocked at Frank Bwalya’s demonic rituals’

Frank Bwalya comparing beard with George Mpombo

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space on your website to express my concern on the ritual practices of  Father Franck Bwalya during last year’s campaign.

During the elections campaign,  Frank Bwalya came up with a strange way of campaigning were he publicly strangle a chicken during a rally in Luanshya and sprinkling its blood on the ground.

Watching Emmanuel TV on Sunday 8th July 2012, a similar ritual was shown being performed by a man who claimed to have been a devil worshiper.

The ritual was used to invoke the powers of darkness and use those powers to cast a spell on TB Joshua.

I was amazed by the similarities in the rituals between Frank Bwalya and the Satanic Agent.

Both involved the strangling of a chicken in public and sprinkling of blood. This left me wondering if the act by Bwalya was in any way a sacrifice made to the dark world to cast a spell on the Zambia people or did Farther Bwalya do it out of ignorance.

Either way, l wish to call upon all Christians in our nation to pray and cancel the power of such rituals.

We the Zambian people should  not allow any form of devil worship to prevail in our country.

Let us stand up and rejects such act from those who practice them.

Concerned Citizen

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