‘I am suspicious of Livingstone polls postponement’

I am not 100% convinced that ECZ postponed Livingstone elections in good faith. I strongly suspect that the postponement of by-elections in Livingstone has to do with a plot for the PF to have enough time to register more traveller(Gypsy) PF voters and send them to Mpongwe first then to Livingstone at a later date. Otherwise it would have been impossible for PF to win if elections were to take place at the same time.

Going forward you will not see by-elections being scheduled to take place at the same time. If we are not careful the same scheme might be used for the general elections in 2016. In places where PF has no chance of winning,they will send their thugs to cause disturbances so that elections in those areas are postponed to give chance to PF  Gypsy voters to migrate.

What I propose to counter PF Gypsy voter’s rigging, is that, if one by- election is postponed because of violence,then all other similar elections should also be postponed to a later date to avoid PF Gypsy voters taking advantage.

Another way to also avoid Gypsy voters is to  put cameras in polling stations so that people’s faces are captured as they are voting. This will help to Identify PF Gypsy voters who vote in multiple elections.

However if the PF does not want measures to counter Gypsy voters to be implemented,then I urge the opposition to start recruiting Gypsy voters as well in order to level the playing field.
Beware, traveller(GYPSY) voters are the new norm in vote rigging these days.

So folks lets push for cameras at polling stations and parallel voting to ensure that free and fair elections take place.


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