I am the Chitimukulu, Sata does not belong to Bemba electoral college- Sosala

Mr Henry Kanyanta Sosala has maintained that he is the rightful heir to the Chitimukulu throne and that the statement by President Michael Sata that he was masquarading was unfounded.

He said claims by President Sata that he was masquerading as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people were unfounded because President Sata did not belong to the Bemba Electoral College.

Speaking through his special advisor Mr Musonda Mwamba, the Mwinelubemba said that it was unfortunate that the Head of State could not leave issues of tradition affairs to the people that were supposed to deal with them.

Mr Mwamba said Mr Kanyanta Sosala was duly recognised and installed after observing all traditional requirements as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II of the Bemba people by the Bashilubemba and that it was time that President Sata accepted this decision.

He said it was unfair that instead of providing leadership aimed at uniting the Zambian people, President Sata was openly dividing the nation by interfering in traditional matters.

The Mwinelubemba’s advisor said all the traditional relics were handed over to the Mwinelubemba and that he had been accepted by all people except those who did not understand what the role of the Bemba Electoral College was all about.

“We are shocked that the Head of State has continued to despise what we the Bemba’s have decided but we don’t understand why he harbours so much hatred for our Paramount Chief. As Bemba’s we are happy that we have a Paramount chief in office and he is performing his duties diligently even if he has not yet occupied his royal palace.

“Nonetheless, ‘Apasangwa infumu epe sano’(wherever you find the chief, that is his palace) and he can perform duties bestowed on him. What Mr Sata is saying is something that we cannot describe because he is in his own world. If he cannot recognise our Mwinelubemba now, time will catch up with him because soon another President will recognise him,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said claims that the President degazeted Sosala as senior chief Mwamba in 2013 did not affect the Bemba selection process as the Bashilubemba had no issues with the current Paramount Chief and that they recognised that the Head of State had no powers to dictate to them on who should be the heir to the throne.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwamba said the Paramount chief  Chitimukulu has not yet shifted to his royal palace despite the decision by the armed police officers to leave the palace.

He explained that the officers were still staying in the villages surrounding the palace because they did not see the reason why they had been assigned to guard the place.

He said the Bashilubemba would only allow the Mwinelubemba to occupy the palace once the State completely withdrew the officers it had deployed to the area.

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