I am Zambian-RB

President Rupiah Banda has reminded the Patriotic Front (PF) that Chipata District in Eastern Province and not Malawi where the opposition party is claiming the head of state originates.

President Banda was reacting to insinuations by PF that his parents are not Zambian by birth and he should not be permitted to contest the forthcoming elections.

He noted that the opposition is wasting resources and time by using his parentage to sway the electorate from the real issues at hand.

The head of state charged that PF is not ready for the polls although the party was in the forefront pushing him to announce election date.

Meanwhile, United Liberal Party (ULP) President Sakwiba Sikota has accused the PF of acting out of desperation and dragging petty issues to court to seek  justice.

Sikota said the opposition party is panicking as it knows that it can by no means emerge victorious o.ver the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD).

However, PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba said President Banda’s parentage is a constitutional and not a  political issue so there is no need for the head of state to trivialize it.

He said his party is not acting out of desperation as the Republican President is claiming, adding that the onus is on President Banda to prove that both his parents were Zambian by birth.

Kabimba further confirmed that PF is ready for elections and is assured of victory as it has campaigned well based on issues and not mere rhetoric.


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