I blame ZNBC for sitting on KK’s legacy

I blame ZNBC for sitting on KK’s legacy

I blame ZNBC for sleeping on KK’s Legacy.

While International media Houses were creating documentaries and biographies of the founding father our very own ZNBC was busy with their boring day to day programmes.

When will ZNBC staff learn to do their job properly and learn to honour our founding father who fought and even established the so called ZNBC which hired them today?

ZNBC is the handwork of Kaunda, the ZNBC staff must always thank Kaunda because the fruits of his hands is what enables them to feed their families and stomachs and even pay bills.

It is true that a prophet or hero is not accepted in his own hometown.
Jesus was a good example of that. Like Jesus, some messengers of God are not accepted by their own families today. Those messengers can deal with the rejection much better when they know the reasons.

Prophets are messengers called by God. Many times those messengers are not accepted in the community they grew up in because people knew them before God called them to be messengers. Even though the messenger has changed his lifestyle, people still remember him when he was a sinner like they still are.

Jesus was a prophet, but he was rejected by His own people. In order for Him to start His ministry, He had to move from Nazareth and preach to the people in Capernaum.

Throughout the gospels that record the life and ministry of Jesus, we see that Jesus traveled from place to place teaching, preaching, healing and performing miracles. According to Matthew 4:13, Jesus left Nazareth where He was rejected and dwelt in Capernaum where He was accepted.

Because Jesus was rejected by His own family and neighbors, He said in Matthew 13.57, “A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and in his own house.” The Good News Bible makes it clear by recording, “A prophet is respected everywhere except in his hometown and by his own family.”

The people missed out by rejecting Jesus because He did not perform many miracles in Nazareth. Whenever He we

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