I can never praise PF thieves – MP

I can never praise PF thieves – MP

Brian Kambita, Zambezi East Constituency MP Writes👇

Dear colleagues, I would like to rubbish this PF propaganda in the Zambia Daily Mail. I am sure by now you all know who Brian Kambita is and his stance on this failing PF government, I need not labour to explain myself. That propaganda cannot be me, of course.

The idea is to cause my party leadership get angry with me by those words which they attempted to put in my mouth. It has been a trend, they have been following my mobilisation activities. It started with that corrupt Ronald Chitotela recently visiting my constituency and denouncing me as one of the opposition MPs who is frastrating government development in the area, just because I I took a no compromise stance and reported those council employed cadres to ACC and told them that I wanted them investigated for fraud of the 2017 CDF before we allocated the 2018 CDF. Todate they have not investigated the council employed PF cadres and want to sway people’s attention to that propaganda, insinuating that I was praising PF government. I can never praise those criminals.

I will not waste time and money to go to media houses to fight Daily Mail for such cheap propaganda. I elect to remain mute. My actions and comittment to our common objectives as UPND will be the best response to that.

PF are desperate, we should all understand that fact. They are doing everything possible to divert people’s attention from their failures.

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