I can punch those who won’t come to my prayers – Lungu

Humble thief Edgar Lungu says he can beat up people who are not interested in his day of national prayer.

The head of PF further said that once he declares war against one particular individual, Zambians will not like it.

He was speaking at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola today in front of unemployed people who were ferried to go and welcome him.

Lungu also told his listeners that he will not ask for forgiveness from those he had offended in past, because he just wants to fulfil the October 18 National Day of prayers.

“…But what I want to make very clear is that when i say nshilefwaya ulubulu (I don’t want fighting), it doesn’t mean I can’t fight. Akanyelele ngawakapimpila kalasuma (even an ant can bite if you provoke it). I want to make this clear, when I say my heart is big enough it can accommodate all sorts of trouble including nonsense, it doesn’t mean i can not fight back… Me as President tekweba ati ngandesulafye amakofi teti mpose, kuti naposa It doesn’t mean that when I am ducking punches, I cannot punch back. I also know how to punch.”

“If I declare war against one individual you will not like it and it will not help this country. I’m saying that as we go towards the Day of National Prayer and Forgiveness, let us open our hearts so that God can see how to work with us, how he can work with us. One person or two people are nothing,” he said.

“Twalelanda kubwaiche ati umuntu umo kamuti ka matches (during our childhood, we used to say ‘one person is like a matchstick’) he can’t do anything. But together fino tuli ebuntu (the way we are here is unity). So bane mukwate ubwililo ukweba ati amaka yaba muli ifwe bonse twabombela chapamo (So colleague, have forgiveness so that with our combined energy, we can work together). Umuntu ngalikutukile kumwelela nokumubika mupepi. Nao nga alikutukile afwile abwela mupepi ati unjeleleko nalikolwa nakantu kapwa (If someone insulted you, forgive and bring them close. And the person who insulted you should also say sorry I was drunk, and the case will be closed).”

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