I can’t accept position of PF solicitor general – Hansungule

Pretoria based law professor Michelo Hansungule says he has not been offered a job of Solicitor General by the PF government and that he can not accept it even if he was offered. Professor Hansungule has instead advised Zambians to respect the constitution and observe its sacredness.

The Watchdog earlier emailed Professor Hansungule asking him whether he has been offered the job of Solicitor General or whether he would take it up if offered.

Below is the response from professor Hansungule:

This is incredible!

You are the second one to alert me this morning. Earlier, a young man called me from Lusaka while I was still in bed to alert me I would be offered Solicitor-General’s position and now you The Watchdog. I find all this incredible to say the least.

I believe this is a constitutional position and there is a way in the constitution such positions are handled. It is important to believe in the constitution. All Zambians should believe in the principles of the constitution as the glue holding the country together. In dealing with any constitutional position, every provision of the constitution, every paragraph, coma and full stop should be closely followed and thoroughly exhausted. It appears quite not in this case and what a shame!

No, I have NOT been offered the Solicitor-General and cannot accept if I were offered particularly if offered unconstitutionally. Frankly, I am disappointed because this is an insult to the country’s basic law – the constitution. Let’s play politics with everything but not the constitution. We are doomed as a country if we do. Anything in it should attract sacred attention. Never should we play games – any games about it. God forbid!

Michelo Hansungule

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