I can’t be jailed, says Jimmy Fingers

I can’t be jailed, says Jimmy  Fingers

James Chungu, a Director of Chita Lodges Limited says a court case in which he is charged with former Zambia Airforce Commander Lt. Gen Eric Chimese is just for court records and is a done deal.
Boasting to a gang of henchmen at Chita Lodge in Kafue on Sunday evening, Chungu popularly known as Jimmy Fingers said he has powerful friends at State House.
“Twali landa kale nabena KZ ku Plot 1 and this is done deal. Ku court ba kashala fye na ma records and Kaizar CIA is on top of things. Those properties yandi teyaba Gen. Wakayele ulya,” he said to his seemingly drunk friends mist of whom would nod in agreement each time he emphasised a point.
Chungu the current court case has not dented his business because he is a child of God and pulls the right strings in gov’t circles.
He says as a PF funder and cobtractor to gov’t he does not see himself going to jail over ifyabupuba.
“Bane going to jail over my own properties is a big joke in Jesus name. Besides the God of Abraham will not allow that. My friends in State House will handle this for me chapwa.”
Zulu has for a long time been a regular feature at Chita Lodge.
He has a fleet of boats for leisure at this joint where he goes on cruises with his PF chola boys and a string of concubines, with light faces.
Chungu is charged with concealing of property, willful giving of false information, abuse of authority of office and possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.
In the first count, Lt Gen. Chimese on dates unknown but between 1st January, 2018 and 31st January, 2019 jointly and whilst acting together with Chungu and other persons unknown did conceal a portion of a farm in Ibex on which nine (09) fully furnished flats, an up staired house, a gym, visitors quarters and a semi-detached servants quarters have been constructed purporting to show that the said properties belong to Chita Lodges Limited, a company where Chungu is a Director when in fact the properties in question are owned and were constructed by Lt Gen. Chimese.

In count two (02), Chungu on 31st January, 2019 did willfully give false information to authorized officers by stating that the said properties where for Chita Lodges Limited when in fact not.

In count three (03) Lt Gen Chimese abused his authority of office in his capacity as ZAF Commander by directing the deployment of some Zambia Air Force employees to do construction works at his properties.

In count four (04) Lt Gen Chimese did possess properties suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to section 71 (1) of the forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act.

The Commission has since seized the properties which include thirteen (13) fully furnished houses, one semi-detached house and a gym all which are situated within Lusaka.

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