I can’t be sponsored by Lungu, says UPND Munali aspiring MP

I can’t be sponsored by Lungu, says UPND Munali aspiring MP

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 18.48.48On the 14th of March 26, 2016 I filed in my application for adoption for the Munali constituency seat.
Prior to the application process I have been working with party structures in Munali Constituency to mobilise resources for the party notable one which was the 2015 election to ensure the constituency had regalia, food in campaign centers and transportation logistics.
My DNA has been the UPND I have gone round in munali constituency, ward by ward market to market and I realise the missing link is leadership. People are willing to work but there has been no leader to move in and coordinate with the people. The area MP has failed lamentably together with Edgar Lungu to improve the community we live in. People in the community do not have water not even dirty water to say the least.

This leadership of lacking the essentials of life has characterized the PF leadership, today when you fight hard to earn a little to buy mealie meal you still need to line up for the rare commodity. PF leadership has been the worst. Nobody would like to be a part of such a failing leadership, which is why we have seen UPND attract a lot of members from other parties.

I have for some time now heard rumors that I am PF (Enalio Sampa) sponsored by Edgar Lungu to come in the UPND. To start with when Edgar Lungu was at Mulungushi to fight to be adopted I was busy in Munali ward mobilizing people under UPND for the 2015 election. Today people spreading rumor that I am being sponsored by Edgar Lungu and PF, how can Edgar Fund me to donate at Kalingaliga clinic where I donated materials and food stuff to the maternity ward when he failed to sponsor Nkandu Luo to do the same? I went to Chainda Community School and donated books and sponsored the water project with my funds because I share the pain the community is faced with. Edgar and her Honorable Nkandu Luo have never done so in the last 5yrs they have been in power not even Mumbi did anything in Munali. Today you say Sampa is PF? Never…. I am a part of the UPND and I have no doubt will remain UPND it is never in my gene to reply to rumor but I am prompted to do so because I share the pain the community is going through and I never want to be associated with the failed leadership of the PF. I believe in the consistence of UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema. My appeal to every well meaning Zambian and those specifically in Munali to vote UPND and Hakainde Hichilema

Enalio Sampa (UPND Munali aspiring candidate)

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