I cant betray my people – Dr Banda

UPND vice-president for politics Dr Canisius Banda has disclosed that the Patriotic Front has offered to give him a house and a car if he defects to the ruling party.

In an interview with the Post, Dr Banda, who is facing eviction from his rented PHI house, said he has refused to betray the UPND for “material things”.

“The PF have offered me the world, but I have said no. I will not betray my people over a car and a house. These are temptations. They are saying ‘here is a little something, stop what you are doing’. The PF have been coming to me offering this and that but I am moving forward. I am vice-president for politics in the UPND. My status is not going to change. I will not be tempted to betray our citizens over thirty pieces of silver. If my fight for the people makes me poor, so be it, but currently, there is persecution on me and I’m asking the Zambians to come to my aid, to pray for me,” Dr Banda said.
When told that he had been seen meeting Zulu in the evening at Blue Nile lodge, Dr Banda confirmed that the State House official has been asking him to defect to the ruling PF, but said their meetings were not private as the two always drunk together at the same location.

“I meet Kaizer often. He is a colleague that comes from our health backgrounds. You know he worked at Chelstone Clinic. I drink from Blue Nile where most of the PF members and officials drink from,” Dr Banda who is former Ministry of Health spokesperson said.

“Many people in the PF have enticed me, they say, ‘why can’t you come over so that we can take care of you’, even Kaizer has talked about it in passing, including many others but you know it is one of those things.”

And Dr Banda said it was not fair for people to say he was evicted from his rented house for failure to settle rentals, when he had voluntarily left the property, where he was paying K5,600 per month.

“I am being persecuted, that is all. I am being mocked and ridiculed. The only crime I have committed is to side with the poor people of Zambia. That is all, and I leave this matter in the hands of God. I will find peace in the bosom of my Father. There is conflict, unnecessary conflict and I am saying there is persecution. To say that I was evicted is utterly wrong and malicious. What I can say is I am seeking a peaceful way out. And this peaceful way should not hurt anyone,” said Dr Banda.

“I don’t know whether my enemies are outside or within the party. The peaceful way out really is to say bye. It is about tenancy. It is to say ‘look I have been with you for 10 years’, you know 10 years in a property is a very long time and the duration of tenancy itself shows you just how reliable and exemplary I have been as a tenant. I opted to get in his business deal out of my own free

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