I can’t join sinking PF, says UPND MP

I can’t join sinking PF, says UPND MP

By Patson Chilemba

I have never been a PF member as the only association I had with them was to repair their stinking toilets at the party secretariat, says opposition UPND Katuba lawmaker Bampi Kapalasa.

Reacting to PF media director Sunday Chanda’s assertions to Daily Revelation that the ruling party would receive Kapalasa and Ilambo Ward councillor Kelvin Mwamba as they were PF members at heart, Kapalasa said it would be madness of him to jump ship when everybody knew that the PF was not going anywhere.

He wondered how the PF would welcome him back when he had never been a member of the ruling party, saying his “brother” Chanda was misinformed.

Kapalasa likened the behaviour from the PF to one that had reached a dead end, and was now desperate to find any nearby object they could cling on to survive drowning.

He said the closest association he had with the ruling party was to repair the toilets at the secretariat, which he said were stinking the last time he visited the PF headquarters.

“I found the toilets stinking at the PF secretariat. The sewer system was overflowing and with the help of my friends we repaired the toilets. When someone cleans your toilet does it mean they have become your member?” wondered Kapalasa, adding that he believed in the vision of the UPND and had found a home in that party.

Chanda claimed in an interview with Daily Revelation that the UPND was not confident about their two members Kapalasa and Mwamba remaining within their ranks.

“They (UPND) are not confident about that seat, just the same way they are not confident about Katuba. They feel Bampi can switch any time. They have never been comfortable, they know he was PF until they settled on him. They don’t trust their MP in Katuba because they know he was a committed member and worked with PF, including that councillor in Ilambo,” Chanda said.

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