I can’t join UPND because its tribal, says Magande

National Movement for Progressive Party (NMPP) Leader Ng’andu Magande says he will not form an alliance with any political party ahead of the election.
Featuring on a special political programme on SKY fm radio in Monze today, Magande said he will contest for the presidency on the NMPP ticket because the people of Zambia wants change of government and leadership.
Magande said there are so many issues why the people of Zambia are discontent with the MMD regime, hence the calls for change of the regime and its system.
“President Rupiah Banda is not doing what the people expect from a president and that is the reason I will never join or enter into any alliance with any political party, I don’t want to be supervised by a
person who doesn’t have the experience,” said Magande.
The NMPP leader indicated that the people of Zambia have suffered so much under the current leadership, adding that it is surprising that despite copper fetching good money at the London Stock Exchange, the economical growth is still at 6 percent.
“Poor leadership has led Zambians to wallow in abject poverty, are you not surprised that despite the increase in copper export and the maize bumper harvest the Kwacha has continued to tumble against the Dollar?“ Asked Magande.
He observed that good governance is not about name calling of people with divergent views and gagging the media but promoting accountability, transparency and constitutionalism which promotes therule of law.
Magande said this year’s election is the turning point of the people to choose good and responsible leadership which will give direction.
“Some people have been asking me why I have not joined UPND and Hakainde Hichilema; I have told them that don’t you know that people have the perception that UPND is a tribal party and that is why I
don’t want to join a tribal party, I have also refused to work under a person who has questionable credibility,” he said.
Magande appealed to young people to be part of the Change they want by electing leaders with a sound mind and vision.

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