I did not praise president Sata, corrects Nevers Mumba

I did not praise president Sata, corrects Nevers Mumba

Former envoy to Canada Nevers Mumba has denied ever praising president Michael Sata as reporterd by government owned and  controlled newspapers.

During a ZNBC interview last week Mamba’s words were deliberately twisted by the Daily Mail and Times of Zambia to give the impression that he admires Sata.

The two papers ran screaming headlines and stories that Mumba described President Michael Sata as the best opposition political leader Africa has ever produced.
The papers also lied that Mumba disclosed that he will join the Patriotic Front (PF) government in its celebrations to mark 90 days of being in power.

But Mumba has corrected the lies by saying that what he actually said was that since Sata as opposition leader was allowed to furiously attack former MMD presidents, he should also accept the vicious criticism that shall now come from the opposition.

Mumba said he was not praising Sata for being the best opposition politician but was stating that Sata should be the last person to stifle criticism and opposition since he did it so well against the former presidents.

Mumba also said that what he meant was that he will join PF in celebrating the 90 days and use the opportunity to prove that PF conned their way into government by promising things they could not do in 90 days.

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