‘I sent my son to learn to read and write not to sweep Ibex primary school’

Good day,

I recently enrolled my son atin Ibex Hill primary school in Lusaka based on the fact that the school has been taken over by Mary Queen Of Peace School. Mary Queen of Peace has a very good reputation,hence I felt Ibex would be the best environment for my son.

I learnt with utter disgust that the school has requested that my son report with two new brooms tomorrow. Based on the fees Im paying, I expect that the school provides a clean learning environment for my son at no extra cost.
This is something that I would expect at a government school. I also learnt that the children will be cleaning the school.
In as much as I subscribe to children taking responsibility for their own clean surroundings, I do teach my son this at home. I sent him to school to learn reading and writing not how to sweep a classroom. With the fees we are paying, the school should be able to afford a Janitor.

If there is anyone out there with the Ministry of Education, please advise on the body’s policy regarding this issue.

Whilst searching for a school, I also came across a number of private schools without play grounds or sports fields. What is government doing about this? In my opinion, a school should not be granted a License if it does not meet basic school environment requirements.

Kind regards,

Concerned Parent.

Please withhold my name lest my child gets victimised.

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