I dont care about corruption revelations, I share the money with Lungu- reveals Mwewa

Joseph Mwewa has now dared anyone to do whatever they want over the reported corruption activities at the construction of Lusaka International Airport and other major roads in Zambia.

Mwewa is thee owner of Asphalt Roads Zambia (ARZ) and also is a proxy of Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda and his son Bwembya

Mwewa, who is working with Mulenga Sata ( Mulenga is part of the Zulu Burrow Ltd)  boasts to his colleagues that he was untouchable because even President Edgar Lungu was in his pocket together with other senior government officials.

“He proudly goes around in very expensive drinking places bragging that he is actually the source of Lungu’s nomination fees which came from Chikwanda during the PF convention. He also claims to have bought Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba some vehicles and given substantial amounts of money to Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga and National Airports Corporation Board Chairman Mubanga Musakanya, and his officials such as the Managing Director Robinson Misitala,” sources close the Mwewa have disclosed. 

Sources say Mwewa has dared the Zambianwatchdog or anybody to continue with whatever corruption revelations they have on him, but as long as PF and Lungu are in charge, nobody will dare touch him because he can ‘spill the beans’ that can lead to total collapse of the entire PF regime.

Mwewa and his friends Mulenga Sata, Bwembya Chikwanda, have so far caused massive delays on the construction of Zambia’s biggest International Airport after they pocketed more than US25 million dollars counterpart-payment from the Zambian government that should have been part of contribution towards the US385 Million Dollars to Chinese Exim Bank.

The construction should have been done by China Jiangxi, a corrupt Chinese company linked to PF.

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