I don’t have a diplomatic passport, it was grabbed at airport – Nevers Mumba

I don’t have a diplomatic passport, it was grabbed at airport – Nevers Mumba


Dr Mumba during one of his incarcerations

MMD president Nevers Mumba says he does not hold a diplomatic passport as it was grabbed on the airport when he arrived from Canada.

Dr Mumba was commenting on remarks by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu that  government will revoke Dr. Mumba’s passport because he abused it to go and dent the image of Zambia in South Africa.

But Dr Mumba said, Lungu, Sakeni and the entire PF officials need to see a doctor.

He said PF leaders should stop behaving as if they are in the opposition and learn to speak truthfully and speak only after verifying the issue at hand.

‘I hold an ordinary green passport and am proud of that because that was the first thing they did. They were waiting for my diplomatic passport on the airport and they got it,’ Dr Mumba who is in Mpongwe to campaign told the Watchdog.

Dr Mumba further rejected charges that he and other opposition leaders went to South Africa to speak ill of Zambians.

He said that the opposition and NGO spoke against rights abuses by the PF regime and not against the people of Zambia.

He said he and other opposition leaders were acting on behalf of the majority of Zambians who did not vote for PF in the 2011 elections.

He explained that if the votes that the MMD and UPND garnered in 2011 were put together, they are more than what the PF got and that it was from this mandate that they will continue to speak.

Dr. Mumba said the threat by government to revoke his passport is just another example of the same things they complained about to the commonwealth.

He said the government should put its house in order and sort out the many problems the country is facing with instead of looking at which citizen holds what type of passport.

He said the government should not panic as they will be given a chance by the commonwealth to respond to the dossier that was filed at the commonwealth.

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