I don’t have details on blocking of ZWD, but I would celebrate, Vice-president tells parliament

I don’t have details on blocking of ZWD, but I would celebrate, Vice-president tells parliament

Dancing like the chola boy he is

Dr Scott Dancing 

Vice-president Guy Scott Friday morning told parliament that the PF government will greatly celebrate the day the Zambianwatchdog will be brought down and inaccessible in Zambia.

Dr Scott was responding to questions from opposition law makers led by Kaputa MP Joel Bweupe Maxas Ng’onga who wanted to find out whether it was true that this website has been blocked from inside Zambia.

Dr Scott said he did not have much details on the blocking but quickly said he and his government would rejoice greatly the day the site would be closed as it had caused too much harm to his government.

He said the Zambian Watchdog has endangered the nation’s security and tainted Zambia’ international reputation.

“This is the website that has accused everyone of being adulterous, a thief, terminally ill, corrupt, and so on, so we would glad to have it shut because it is denting our image abroad”, Scott said as a number of opposition MP kept murmuring in disapproval.

But Monze Central Member of Parliament Jackie Mwiimbu said the Zambianwatchdog was the only source of credible news and information in Zambia.

Mr. Mwiimbu wondered whether it was not true that civil servants were only given 4 per cent salary increment as shown by the documents carried by the Zambiawatchdog.

In response, Dr Scott said he was even more worried that even MPs were now using the Zambianwatchdog content as basis for debate and questioning government in parliament.

Below are the details:

Below are ten technical facts about the blocking of Zambianwatchdog.com inside Zambia as compiled by the organisation hosting the site;

1. Starting Monday 24 June 15:30 GMT Internet connections coming from inside Zambia towards Zambianwatchdog.com were quickly terminated during the connection establishment

2. The termination of connections are located in IP addresses coming from at least these operators AS37146 realtime-as, AS37214 MICROLINK, AS28698 UUNET Africa and AS37287 ZAIN-ZAMBIA and AS37154 ZAMTEL ZAIN and ZAMTEL are the largest operators which traffic is mangled. Both nternational traffic towards Namibia and Tanzania is affected.

3. Traffic from other large mobile operator MTN Zambia does not show signs of interference

4. Analysis of the network traffic inside and outside of the country shows that malicious traffic is actively injected in the network to terminate the connections.

5. Blocking is not talking place by filtering the traffic in the network routers, it is performed by actively interfering with the network traffic.

6. This kind of network interference is traditionally implemented by dedicated hardware that performs “Deep Packet Inspection” to identify certain type of network connections.

7. Monitoring of the network traffic is talking place and only Zambianwatchdog.com is subject to filtering. Scanning of the top 1000 sites in the world shows that they are not affected

8. Forensics of the blocking shows that the connections are terminated when the string Host: www.zambianwatchdog.com is present in the connection.

9. The website has been put back online by encrypting the traffic by SSL but the technology that implements the interference is still operating.

10. It is not clear where in the country the interference is talking place but it requires access to the Network traffic to place physical devices that actively inject malicious traffic.

Journalists interested to gain access to  more technical details about the attack including forensics can contact LibreFreiheit@gmail.com


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