I don’t know who wrote the articles, Mwamba tells Court

Second Republican President Frederick Chiluba’s spokesperson, Emmanuel Mwamba has denied having authored two articles in the Mathew Mohan case which analysed evidence of the accused published on the Zambian Watchdog website.

Before Supreme Court Judge who was sitting as High Court Judge, Gregory Phiri was Mwamba (38) who denied being the author of the said articles which were published on the Zambian Watchdog website.

Mwamba in his defence told the court that the author of the articles remained a mystery and that there had been speculation of who the author could be.

The accused acknowledged having received an article on 19th October 2010 through email entitled ‘Sajid murder plot thickens’ which he later sent to Post Newspaper Managing Editor Amos Malupenga and also copied to Amos Chanda.

“On 19th October 2010 in the morning around 06:00 hours, I opened my computer and logged on to internet and among the mails that I saw was the article which analyses. I downloaded this article and read it after which I saved it on my computer and forwarded it to Amos Malupenga and also copied it to Amos Chanda that was after 08:00 hours,” he explained.

Mwamba further told the court that he decided to send the said article to Malupenga because he (Malupenga) had ten days earlier called him to advise and warn Robert Simeza that his car was impounded by the police and that the matter was very serious as it was not a mere traffic offence or anything to do with the car.

He said he was not aware that the article was sent 37 minutes after it was created and also denied that the article was sent 7 minutes after midnight as documents from the witness had shown that it was sent after 08:00 hours.

Mwamba said it was also not possible for the articles to be created in 37 minutes as such piece of writing needed more days as it had many number of pages and contained detailed information.

He also said he had no idea who the author was saying an officer from the Zambian Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) had testified that the article was authored from a computer that was registered as William.

He could also not state who the author of the article which he received was from but assumed it was from Zambia Watchdog Editor Lloyd Himaambo because he had previously received analysis, commentary, finding and research on a number of issues by a number of people from him before.

He said he could not know who sent the article to his address because he had failed to open and access his mails from his address since November 3, 2010 when the Post notified him over the story which was published on the Watchdog.

And on the second article entitled “Mathew Mohan Testimony damages the judiciary” Mwamba said he never sent the said story to anyone and that he only came to know about it when he was informed by Malupenga.

Mwamba also testified that articles of the nature have been in circulation for the last three years.

He also told the court that The Post Newspapers were between 8 and 9 April 2009 allegedly accusing Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Dickson Jere of being the author of the anonymous articles.

The defence case continues tomorrow.

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