I don’t regret supporting HH-Muchima

Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) Ikelenge Member of Parliament Elijah Muchima has charged that he does not regret endorsing Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema in the forth coming August 11 general elections.
And Muchima has warned that soon Dr Mumba will remain alone in MMD.
Muchima says leadership is about having a heart for the people and not making fake promises just to win votes.
He said Hichilema is a man who has a heart for the people and that is the reason he endorsed him and the UPND for presidency and government in August.
Muchima says the former ruling party (MMD) has nothing to offer the people of Zambia because its members do not even know who their leader is.
“MMD can never stand, it is a divided party where the leadership get away with wrong doings because they suspend anyone who tries to correct them and that is what has killed the party, Dr Nevers Mumba has refused to reason with the members of the party and anyone can see that MMD is not going anywhere,” he said.
Muchima says he is not interested in holding public office but is more interested in ensuring the good welfare of the Zambian people.
He said that politicians need to realise that they have a responsibility to the Zambian people and that it is not a money making venture.
“We founded MMD and it is unfortunate that we are here to see the downfall of the once upon a time ruling party but the blame is entirely on the leadership,” said Muchima.
He stressed that he believes in the leadership of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema adding that the people of Zambia need him as leader.
And Muchima pointed out that Dr Mumba can continue saying that people endorsing other leaders or defecting are not factors in MMD and before long he will be the only one left in the party.
“Dr Mumba keeps saying we are not factors in the party and that is why he will soon realise that everyone will leave and he will remain alone as the only factor in the party,” he said.

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