I don’t support racism, but Scott is in office illegally – Miyanda

By Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda – 31st Oct 14

Since I wrote against the appointment of Dr Guy Scott as Acting President there have been spirited discussions, especially on the social media. But the debate has taken a racial route, deliberately so because some debaters find it easier as it will get a sympathy vote. As I have NOT responded to the comments this may be interpreted to mean that I have conceded – far from it! The reason I have not commented is that I have suspended this debate on my part until after the burial of the late President Sata. I shall give a full response, punch for punch after that.

But let me make it absolutely clear that I condemn the “racism” that some clever commentators have introduced which is a cheap trump card to win an argument. My article was not and is not about race; racism and tribalism are beneath me. However I will be a traitor to keep quiet on a fundamental constitutional question that must be resolved now. For me if a white man or woman errs I will speak up; if a black man or woman does something that I disagree with I will speak my mind. I reject the idea that we should feel ashamed to speak out so that “muzungu anikonde”. I have nothing against Dr Guy Scott as alleged; in fact I used to relate to him better than with the late President and I used to tease him fondly as “Dr Chikoti” and always greeted him in Bemba!

I will make a detailed response after the burial, showing why Cabinet should NOT have wrongfully made Minister Lungu to handover to Dr Scott and why Article 45(2) should be read together with Articles 33(1) and 34(3) (b). I will also show why I disagree with the LAZ statement as reported in The Post of 31st October 2014. I emphasise: this is NOT a debate about Dr Guy Scott’s race!



[31ST OCTOBER 2014]

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