‘I found my boss in bed with my wife’, man tells court

A 27-YEAR-OLD woman told the court that she was compelled to have sex with her husband’s boss for fear of him being fired.
Besta Naluwe of Nampundwe said she received threats from her husband’s boss if she denied him sex.

This is a case in which Kelvin Mubinda, 34, of Nampundwe sued Steven Jabalani, 44, of Kafue for adultery.Mubinda told the court that Jabalani is his supervisor and that the two have always had a good work relationship.

“On April 2 around 17:00 hours, the company truck I drive had a breakdown and when I informed my boss about it, he told me that he would come to where I was with a mechanic. I also informed my wife about what had happened in case she got worried when I got home late that day,”he said.

Mubinda told the court that, my wife, Bester Naluwe, 27, was the first to arrive at the scene after he had given her directions and later came Jabalani with the mechanic and guard using a taxi.
“The mechanic started working on the truck and Jabalani decided to return to the office and I asked him to give Naluwe a lift home,” he said.

Mubinda told the court that after the mechanic finished working on the truck, they started looking for an iron bar to use to remove the stones that were under the truck.
“We started asking for an iron bar from house to house and ended up in my neighbourhood. I then decided to go to my house since I had the tools there. When I reached my house I went straight to my bedroom where I kept the tool box. I found Jabalani and Naluwe there, with Jabalani seated on the bed while Naluwe was in a chitenge,” he said.

Mubinda said he called the mechanic into the house to witness what he had found in his house.
“I called my office to report the matter. I got his shoes, belt, wrist-watch and shirt,” he said.
Mubinda also told the court that Jabalani offered to pay him off if he did not say anything.

But Jabalani denied having committed adultery saying that Mubinda came into the house and found him in the sitting room.
“When he came in with a knife, he ordered me to go into his bedroom where his wife was after which he told me to undress. He later got some of my personal belongings and told me to leave, I did not commit adultery,”he said.
Passing judgment the court ordered Jabalani to pay Mubinda K6,000 as compensation effective June monthend in K500 monthly instalments.


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