‘I found my husband with his daughter naked’

A   housewife of Lusaka begged Lusaka’s Matero local court to dissolve her 10-year marriage, narrating how she found her husband naked with his 17-year-old biological daughter.
Nosiku Sishwashwa, 33, told senior court magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba in a packed courtroom that she suspects her husband, Oliver Kalowa, 45, has been having sex with his daughter after she caught them in her (daughter’s) bedroom at night.
Sishwashwa was narrating in a case in which she sued Kalowa for divorce. The two who got married in 2005 have three children together. However, Kalowa has two other children from his previous marriage. The court heard that bride price was paid.
The heavily pregnant Sishwashwa told the court that the girl she caught Kalowa with is his daughter from his first marriage.
“After I caught them in her bedroom, I understood why she does not respect me as her mother. How can she when we are sleeping with the same man? Even our seven-year-old daughter saw her father naked that night because she was also in the room when I walked in on him and his daughter,” she said.
“In 2012, I sued him for marriage reconciliation after he denied me my conjugal rights for 10 months.When the court reconciled us, he promised to change but still he has not changed,”she said.
Sishwashwa complained that Kalowa is also a stingy and physically abusive man.
“I want a divorce because there is no love between us,”she said.
But Kalowa denied all the allegations, begging the court to save his marriage because he was still in love with Sishwashwa.
Passing judgment, the court granted the couple divorce but with no compensation. The court ordered Kalowa to pay Sishwashwa K700 monthly as child maintenance starting March month-end.
The couple was also ordered to share household property equally.

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