‘I found my wife on top of my best freind’

A man of Mabumba village narrated before the Mansa Local Court how he found his wife committing adultery with his best friend on their matrimonial bed.

This was in a case in which Royd Bwalya sued his wife, Mary Mwewa, for divorce on grounds of adultery with different men.

Bwalya and Mwewa got married in 1985 and have six children together.

Bwalya, who paid the dowry to his wife’s family, told magistrate Margaret Sankalimba that all was well when with his wife until last year his wife went into drinking alcohol and frequenting night clubs.

He said he got a shock of his life when he found his wife in bed with his friend upon returning from work.

Bwalya said he was tired of living with a promiscuous wife who had no regard for him as a husband as evidenced in her infidelity.

He told the court that his wife invited different male friends to their matrimonial home whom she introduced to him as relatives.

“I found my wife having sex with my best friend in my bedroom and she was even on top. This happened when I returned home from work. The person she was having sex with is a very close friend of mine,” Bwalya said.

He said Mwewa does not even do house chores as a wife and spends much of her time in bars drinking beer and mingling with men.

The visibly troubled Bwalya begged the court to grant them divorce before he loses his life through HIV.

And Mwewa, who could not deny being caught in bed, told the court that her husband is a drunkard who does not provide the necessary support to her and the children.

She said her husband is equally fond of having extra-marital affairs and even sleeping with prostitutes.
Mwewa said all was well in their marriage until her husband got employment and stopped supporting the family as he concentrated on other women.
In delivering judgement, magistrate Sankalimba noted that there was no peace between the two.
The court granted free divorce and ordered the two to share household goods.

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