I found nothing criminal with Hamasaka- State witness

A state witness has told the Lusaka Magistrate Court that they did not find anything illegal when they went to search the house of former Evelyn Hone College Head of Media studies Clayson Hamasaka.

Appearing before Principal Resident Magistrate Obster Musukwa, Drug Enforcement (DEC) Chief Investigations Officer Chansa Kabwe told the court that on July 9,2013 the security agencies received a report that there was someone suspected to be trafficking in drugs in Lusaka’s Woodland extension area.

She said upon receiving the reports, the security agencies went to search Hamasaka’s house and did not find the drugs.

Ms. Kabwe said the search warrant that she issued to Hamasaka indicated that the state was looking for drugs and anything else criminal.

She disclosed  during cross-examination that she did not find anything criminal in Hamasaka’s house.

Hamasaka is charged with possession of obscene material tending to corrupt public morals.

The defence lawyer Wilson Mweemba had little time to cross-examine Ms. Chansa Kabwe because her testimony had nothing incriminating against the accused.

She said she could not say anything about the alleged obscene material found on Hamasaka’s laptop because the computers were taken to ZICTA for further investigations.

The matter has been adjourned to 12th and 13th November for continued trial.

Earlier defense lawyer asked the Lusaka to quash the case saying the indictment was not well framed as it generalized the charge because obscene was a vast term.

Mr. Mweemba said under the Criminal Procedure Code and the constitution, charges should be clearly framed so as to accord the accused prepare good defense.

The prosecution objected to the application saying Hamasaka was correctly charged. Magistrate Musukwa after a long adjournment ruled that Hamasaka was correctly charged and that case could proceed.

In July this year, the Zambian government raided homes of journalists they suspected of writing for the on-line Zambian Watchdog publication and arrested them for various offences.

Mr. Hamasaka was dismissed from the government owned Evelyn Hone College last year after opposition UPND president attempted to feature on the college owned Hone FM radio station which he (Mr. Hamasaka) was the manager of.

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