I hate Sata whole-heartedly, undividedly, honestly, passionately, unreservedly

Please hide my ID.
 I don’t know about others but I hate Sata.
 If all the Heads of State we have had were to be judged by their 1st 3 years in office, Sata would be the worst. Sata’s style of leadership is reminiscent to a CNP, a grossly incompetent i.d.i.o.t, a retard and what not. He never holds a press conference to address serious issues of national interest instead rules through George Chellah and Mumembe’s Facebook posts. Can a President stop cadres murdering each other by posting on Facebook? Is removing subsidies and increasing his salary thrice in two years caring for the poor? How can a President of the poor freeze employment for two years? How can he freeze wages when the cost of living is going up daily? Schools have doubled their fees, prices are increasing all over the place and that’s when to freeze salaries? At how much are we buying mealie meal now because of this man’s failed policies in agriculture? Our farmers have not received inputs even now and he thinks with poor harvest he can bring down the cost of mealie meal.  The exchange rate is now K6.00 to $1 and K10 to a pound and so where is this illiterate so called man of action?
When HH criticised Sata a few months after the 2011 elections, I, like many other people, made merry calling HH all sorts of names including ‘bitter’ and ‘jealous’. But I now understand that HH was right. How does this moron of a President think his lies on the constitution will benefit Zambians? His home village has 2 universities and none in my village. Over 500 nurses were fired because of his lies that he had given them 200% salary increment when it was only 1%. People are dying like chickens at UTH especially at night and he is covering his head in the sand.
I know a lot of people out there are still positive and think if given more time, Sata can turn around their lives. What more time? So that mealie meal can cost K200?  I’ll never vote for Sata again. To hell with him! I hate him totally, sincerely, whole-heartedly, undividedly, honestly, passionately, unreservedly.

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