I hate Zambian Watchdog, Masebo tells mourners at Harrison Chanda’s funeral

Tourism and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo this morning launched a scathing attack against the Zambian Watchdog, which she accused of being unprofessional and a publication that she hates.

Masebo, who instead of mourning Harrison Chanda, the cadre that was killed in Livingstone prior to the deferred by elections stunned mourners when she started delivering her speech that had nothing to do with the deceased but merely attack the online publication.

“I know that even here the Watchdog are present, these people are liars and are very unprofessional. They have been attacking me every day.  They have been lying about me every day, they thrive on lies and please you people stop reading the Watchdog,” Masebo said to amusement of the mourners.

Some mourners were overhead saying the minister has lost it by attacking a publication that has nothing to do with the death of Chanda. The said mourners complained that they had expected Masebo to talk about Chanda and not to use a solemn occasion to attack a publication that she claimed ‘she hates’.

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