I have 8 questions for PF before I can give them my vote next year:


1. Why is PF broke despite removing Subsdies from essential goods, Imposing wage freeze on Civil Servants for 3 years & securing the so called Euro bond?

2. Is it true that you have ordered Defense to postpone the recruitment exercise to next year so that you use it as a campaign strategy? 3. Why are you always paying Civil Servants late?

4. A competent Government is supposed to focust the performance of key areas of the economy, e.g. water levels at Kariba in 2 years time, 3 years time, 4 years time & so on & so fourth. If PF is as competent as you claim, why didn’t you warn the Nation 2 years or so before load shedding started so that people get prepared for the worst?

5. where are the graduates in the Universities you are praising yourselves to construct going to find jobs when our current universities have already produced so many graduates who are Jobless? 6. If the prayers we prayed on the 18th were meant for piece & reconcialiation why can’t you allow the opposition to conduct their campaigns piecefully?

7. Taxation incentives can be used to safeguard jobs in the private sector. Why didn’t you use incentives like, ordering the mines to use part of pay as you earn they are supposed to submit to ZRA to pay miners who were about to be retrenched so that there jobs are safegurded?

8. Is it necessary to construct a new airpot in Ndola & a tabernacle in Lusaka when the country has shortages of essential goods like medicine in the hospitals, condoms, computers in high schools for ICT exams, adquate electricity to support economical activities in the Country. You can email your answers to kenedymbewe@livemail.com Kennedy Mbewe

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