I have a white vice-president, you have a black MP- Sata tells Polish Prime Minister

I have a white vice-president, you have a black MP- Sata tells Polish Prime Minister

Presidential-Lunch-for-Visiting-Poland-Pm-at-statehouseAs expected, president Michael Sata turned the state visit into another comedy when he kept on embarrassing himself with foolish and racially toned jokes when he met Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk and his wife Malgorzata Tusk at State House on Monday.

During a luncheon hosted by Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba in honour of the visiting dignitaries, Sata when his time for opening his mouth came, started by saying he was honoured to be visited by the Prime Minister, who had a black person in his entourage.

“Madam first lady Christine Kasiba (Sata said as he tried to imitate the Polish Prime Minister who could not pronounce Kaseba properly), when I met the Prime Minister, I saw a black MP in his delegation and I told him I also had a white vice-president. There are only two countries in this world where the president is black and the vice-president is white,” Mr. Sata said in reference to United States of America and Zambia.

“Where is the black MP, can you stand up, and where is my white vice-president, please stand up and greet each other, Mr. Sata said to the amusement of other invited guests who were expecting serious diplomatic talks in front of cameras and media houses both local and foreign, as is the case in a normal country.

The Polish Prime minister is so far the highest-ranking foreign dignitary to ever visit Mr. Sata since taking office two years ago, other than Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.

In shame, Sata’s mouth-piece George Chella issues a poorly written statement as if there was serious business talk behind the scenes where Mr. Sata called on Polish businessmen to invest in Zambia, yet this is the kind of talk leaders all over the world openly tell the media during such events.

Forgetting that there will an employment freeze in this year’s budget in Zambia, Chella claimed Mr. Sata has offered to open a diplomatic mission in Poland where more of his (Sata) relatives will be employed.

The opening up of more diplomatic missions by Zambia at impulse comes at a time when major European countries, such as Denmark, Netherlands, and others are actually closing embassies in Zambia and other countries due to budget constraints.


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